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gianni barbato

gianni barbato

atulização  3 Julho 2013

Sapatos para Mulher, Sapatos para Homem, Acessórios, Bolsas

Stylist leader in the shoe sector, Gianni Barbato, with a highly selected product, better than others can express that creative tension which does not just restrict itself to the research of new formal codes but it looks into the materials and their transformation in order to constantly renew the product. He started in the 70s, when stylists were still called modellists and no one else better than himself came closer to the footwear world, moulding and designing by hand.Since the very beginning he relished the factory reality, cutting out, experiencing and assembling by hand, his first creations. He worked with the utmost exactitude and passion, immediately giving his shoes new perspectives and using unexpected elements

He moves towards unexpected contexts, uses unusual materials, gets inspiration from looking at the copper, glass, iron and brass, being able to create unusual combinations and contributing day by day to the making of an unmistakable style.

Present in the best shops in the world,he creates, season by season, collections which can do nothing else but astonish.


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