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atelier torino

atelier torino

atulização 27 Fevereiro 2013

Roupa para Homem

Origem Northeim

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New in the program are high quality garment washed styles, most elaborately made with AMF stitching. They set significant courses and offer the customer the possibility to be different.
Bright contrasting collar felts – even two coloured – are further elaborate details. Coloured ivory nut buttons in combination with costly inside finish in material mix, lining ribbons as well as contrasting articles, all very well balanced, create unique products.

New materials, some pre-washed, in high value compositions of linen/wool and linen/ cotton in different structures up to elaborate checks are innovative, especially in the trendy sorbet colours pistachio, melon, orange and aqua. The combination of soft styles together with the most valued manifold finishing possibili- ties and the new trend colours offer the trade unusual and unique own collections.

Another highlight in the offer of ATELIER TORINO is a casual suit which also can be personalized by stitching and colour mix options and shows a new product philosophy in the suit business.
New soft mixtures of linen, linen/cotton and linen/viscose create an easy suit picture in a semi-casual look. Especially important colours for suits are argento and indigo shades.
The program is completed by a new style variation in Sartoria look. It is about classic suits and jackets with a Neapolitan optic in terms of the alignment of the lapel and collar that take up the style of the south Italian dandy.

ATELIER TORINO FEEL ITALIAN – Spring/Summer 2013 in purest form.
Another highlight of the collection is the new “ReFresh” service, a special re-finishing offer only by ATELIER TORINO. The motto is: „Service made in Germany“.


117 lojas para atelier torino