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atulização  4 Junho 2013

Roupa de criança

Laia Aguilar

BOBO CHOSES presents its new SS13 collection.

Simple and comfortable shapes; friendly designs and carefully selected colours.Additionally, in this new collection we have used organic cotton in the articles.

Our clothes have a casual and a loose-fit looks.Fresh fabrics, light denims, dresses that can be skirts,
and shirts that can be dresses... It is the most versatile collection that we have proposed to date.

Welcome to Petit Grocery Jean Gustav

by Felipe Cano

Jean Gustav has a grocer’s soul and an elephant’s body,
and all his customers know the taste of
a tomatoey tomato or
a carroty carrot or
an appley apple or
a lemony lemon
due to the simple but very important fact that they
buy their fruit and vegetables chez Jean Gustav.
When you open the door and go inside,
Jean Gustav tips his hat ‘hello’
and the smell of newly baked bread
takes you by the waist and follows you
up and down the aisles of the grocer’s shop...
Colours, shapes and flavours greet you, each with their own voice.
Every time someone bites into and savours
something from Jean Gustav’s,
they remember the kindly elephant with the grocer’s soul.
If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, go in and meet him.

Once upon a time there was a friendly clothing brand that spoke the language that children speak...
BOBO CHOSES was created in 2008 by Laia Aguilar (designer & creative director) and Adriana Esperalba (general manager). Some years earlier, they had founded the design and communication studio OTTO&OLAF. As their curiosity grew in other fields than advertising and graphic design, they created BOBO CHOSES.

The first collection, The Englishman & the Sitting Bull, was presented in the 2009 winter edition of Playtime Paris. It was successfully received. Since then, BOBO CHOSES has grown constantly, being present in renowned shops from over thirty countries, namely Japan, France, and the United States. Additionally, BOBO CHOSES often appears in prestigious children’s magazines, such as Milk Magazine, Vogue, Kids’ Wear, Papier Mache, Marie Claire Enfants, etc. The brand is continuously cherished by professional stylists, who welcome each new collection.

Since the beginning, BOBO CHOSES has strived for finding a special coherence between the brand’s spirit, its business, and corporate social responsibility. From this perspective, ACTBYBOBO.ORG was founded in order to financially assist various projects such as, a women’s school in the north of Bangladesh, and Aytimoun Yo, an NGO that runs an orphanage in Haiti, which was set up after the earthquake in 2010.

For the BOBO CHOSES’ team is a constant surprise to find out, through social networks and personal emails, the complicity and affection that children, parents and grandparents show for the brand, a singular bond that grows with every collection. A normal day in BOBO CHOSES’ life is divided between two cities: In Girona, Laia Aguilar designs the collections and brings to life the BOBO CHOSES world. In Mataró, Adriana Esperalba manages a team, which makes possible for BOBO CHOSES to currently be in the wardrobes and dreams of children from around the world. One of BOBO CHOSES’ secrets is the unusual simplicity of its proposals, which have managed to create comfortable clothes and accessories. This is coupled with the tales that precede each collection. They all have the singular, free, passionate and rigorous look and language of children.

An advice that has worked for us: Always try to HAVE FUN!

Laia Aguilar was born in Igualada (Catalonia) in 1975. As a child, she grew up surrounded by sketchbooks and coloured
pencils. She has not spent any day of her life without filling pages and pages with all kind of illustrations and designs:
shoes, apples, soldiers, jackets, etc. Nothing escapes from her curiosity. In 1995, Laia studied Art in Badalona. From there,
Laia started a long career as an art director in different advertising agencies from Barcelona. As time went, she go tired of the advertising world. When her son Pablo was born, Laia started designing children clothes...until today.

On top of being a fashion designer, Laia Aguilar also illustrates tales such as Bonjour Camille, inspired by her own collections. Additionally, She deeply enjoys doing the shooting for each collection. A hard worker, passionate about her job, Laia never ceases exploring new ideas in order to improve the BOBO CHOSES´ world. Her sources of influence and reference are many and never stop growing. Laia likes musicians from Erik Satie to Natalie Merchant; in cinema, from Fellini to Pixar. Her look is nourished by the work of the designer Enzo Mari to the architect Luís Barragán. Laia is an enthusiast reader of great tales,
and fashion and decoration magazines